Hear Thou, who cometh by the forest path!


A new song The Ringwraith Curse can be heard at our concerts. Based on the motives of Master Tolkien it retells a tale of the weak will and the desire for power that so oft devours the hearts of men. The verses are stored along with all the other songs in Scriptorium in the section Forest whispered.
The next song you can be looking forward to is a battle song of the Enwyllion elves – Tusk of Orc Chieftain. Let it be a warning to all who consider the nature a mere possession of theirs.


A curious being has wandered around the verge of the forest wanting to know something about Enwyllion. Tristufin has answered; his words have been caught in the webs and spread far and wide by the wind…
…and thus you can read in Innocence Music Server the first interview with us.


The first gifts have been delivered to the very edge of the forest...
We have made some special space in our chest – Gifts to the trees – for it.
Do not hesitate and share your art, we shall keep it here gladly.


On 1st November 2008 we journeyed to the GM studio, on 12th December the last changes were made and on 20th December this new 4-song mini-CD drank vodka on „Kračun-fest“ slaughter in the fields of Karviná ...under the title The First Fallen Leaves.
You can find two songs free to download in the Chest. Also there, in the section Merchant's treasures you can write to us and order the MCD. You can have it for 2.50 € plus post fee.