Warriors and Bards


The story of Ermore begins long years ago, far beyond the borders of the Great realm of elves. As his fathers Ermore continued in the traditional learning of mages.
One day he did not succeed in creating a portal to the wonderful land of elves and he was transported into a world ruled by demonic creatures. The dry and deserted land quickly deprived Ermore of his last strengths so that the return was no more possible. As the last hopes died and his soul was almost leaving his corpse he was found by a company of the Enwyllion warriors travelling by. One of them – a huge troll – lifted the mage from the ground – very carefully because he seemed fragile in the hands of Troll. At first it was a bit difficult to persuade him that eating exhausted wizards is not a good idea but finally the arguments of the less bloodthirsty companions managed to keep Troll’s hands in a secure distance. After a short discussion the travellers took the mage along on their return journey to the depths of Enwyllion forest. Ermore woke up in a comfortable tree stump arranged by the forest sprites for him. In a short while he found recovery at last and received some magical instrument issuing eerie sounds. At first he was a bit perplexed – especially when seeing Troll and his favourite mallets for the first time – but now is everything in a perfect order. The whole company of Enwyllion bards works as a compact and well coordinated slaying-machine ready to teach a lesson to a group of orcs any time.