The Trees Whisper

The Ringwraith curse

Fool is one who believes in treacherous heart
of human race weak, with bribery scarred.
Great lord, once noble and fair,
when offered power, in shadows ensnared... Darkness embraced Her son
created a Nightmare and slave of Her crown,
his heart was emptied and maimed,
nothing bud orders of Sauron remained.

Fear prowls through the depths of the night-sky, sound
of galloping hoofs torments the ground.
Nine shadows ride, death at their heels,
stretching the Dark lord’s hand ready to seize.
Foul winds are haunting their trail,
wherever they turn, despairs prevail.
All lands devoured by Night’s dream
are moaning with echoes of blackriders’ scream.

Will, heart, soul
- lost for eternity
and forced under control,
lies, blindfolds
- rules of reality
and tools to make more witless thralls.