...is an ancient forest, almost untouched heart of earth, interwoven with strong magic sources. Magic of the wood has many shapes and the forest gives it to its various inhabitants – elves, fairies, sprites...dragons.
Dreams whirl in the sunlit clearings and around the stars-reflecting lakes, wisdom flows down the silvery rivers and wind chases around the memories of long passed days.

...one day Tristufin entered the forest. Although he is said to be one of the race of men, the elves accepted him. Rumours say he has an elf heart and one who listens carefully to the trees shall find that there is some strange bond between Tristufin and the very existence of the Enwyllion forest.

The first songs Death of Thorin and Ride of unicorn were written when Tristufin was playing the bassguitar for the band After Dark. The songs did not suit the style of After Dark any more and the first idea of a separate project sprang to life...
The beginnings were full of troubles with searching for musicians and the rehearsal room. Two guitarists joined and left the band when in 2004 Septikus and Mordred came and have stayed for the days to come. Only a short time Heredlis played the keyboards and in the summer 2006 the drums player Cuchulainne left the band. Finally Troll became the new drums player and a short while after Ermore joined as the new keyboards player.
On 1st November 2008 began the recording of MCD The First Fallen Leaves. Four songs were recorded in the GM studio and released on 20th December.
At the end of the year Mordred left the band fighting his way through the miseries of this world alone. (May the stars guide you, friend!) After a few months of searching while Tomouš (Exorsus) helped us to play a concert or two we found the new guitarist – Corey.

Thus whispered the trees...